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Composed of custom-made outfits, the MTM line grants you an access to our assortment of preselected fabrics. Our process is 60% handmade and is carried by the passion of experienced Masters. At least two fittings sessions will be scheduled on appointment in order to conceive outfits that perfectly match your expectations.
Luxury is a choice.

“Be spoken to”, such is the initial meaning of the word “Bespoke. Getting to know our clients’ tastes and aspirations is an essential part of our philosophy. Share your thoughts with us and allow our craft to fully sustain your vision. Join the adventure.

Have the courage to stand and Walk with us.

Along the dust trail leading to the Holy Grail a shoemaker was waiting for us. Of all the horned creatures grazing in the pasture behind his shed, the Turkish goat was the one that really caught my eye.
It is only after getting closer that I got to notice the wooden hooves that she was wearing.