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The Process

Nostra Koza

Authenticity and refinement are the essential qualities that define our fabrics. Our spirit is akin to that of the goat, a creature known for its immense curiosity and independence


On your first encounter with our tailor, you will get to choose the model and the fabrics to be used in the course of the manufacturing process. We will discuss various details pertaining to the finishes and take the necessary steps to fully meet your requirements. The interview will end, as it should, around a glass of Rakija.


On the basis of your personal preferences, we will present you with a selection of the most natural cloths from Vitale Barberis Canonico, Bateman Ogden and others. The Bespoke Line gives you a wide choice of prime fabrics with titles ranging in the 120’s to 170’s. We would also like to invite you to explore our Private Label offer, which grants you access to a wide selection of cashmere, pure wools and other high-grade materials.


The various stages of production are followed in accordance with strict quality standards. The fabric is firstly checked and rolled in a wet towel before being dried for 24 hours in clean air, and ironed. The bust is then prepared and the shape of the body patterned and modelled in two and three dimensions.

First Fitting

During the first fitting session, the necessary technical corrections (length, width, shoulders) will be made, and details such as the lining, the buttonholes and the stitchings will be discussed. We will then reassemble the outfit, taking these corrections into account. It is at this stage that the sleeves are attached to the overall garment.

Second Fitting

During the second fitting session, we will work upon the final details prior to delivery. The outfit is ironed after the last adjustments are made. It is usually the last stage of the manufacturing process.

Third Fitting

A third fitting session can be scheduled if necessary, during which adjustments will be made to the sleeve length or the buttonholes.
The moment of delivery is near!


Each guest receives a suit cover and a hanger, along with his/her outfit. We conceive our suits bearing in mind the fact that style and elegance are qualities that every person can acquire.